bounces off the concrete squares and refracts through this second story window, and you can see that they would be grey were you to look and this place spraypaints its plants to get the school colors, red and white the stop signs and the columns are hexagons, odd enough, one to a side and the entire vista is about so wide and blocked by trees across the High Street, all kinds, give or take a four lane street , a sidewalk, and a one two eleven block deep (six foot of stairs) - so maybe 39 feet, plus the High Street. There are two rectangular gardens on the side, with tall lamps to the inside edge and the trees in the middle cast great shadows at 9:00 at night when light just isn't doing it for you - when you just trashed a guy who was punching you in the back while you were slow dancing, with, as it turns out, you true pacifist girlfriend, who ditched you tonight - and so you don't want to be seen and shadows in black are always good for that but your knuckles bleed and you squat knees out and lick the blood to help the clotting with your spit in deep shadow.