Pencil and Inks

   I want to be a comic book writer.
   I want to get away with names like Katchoo--
   to know people like names like that,
   to have a Story.

   I want to invent an inversion,
   to draw those three four lines
   that tell you all these do but in a glance,
   and a little bubble saying

   I want to be a comic book writer.
   I want to write about last summer's girl,
   about how we saw some certain things together;
   about the drive home.

   Panel 1              
			An over-shoulder shot
			I'm driving in the rain
			A fraction of curls
			suffices to show her   
			makes me glance over

   Panel 2		
			wet lanes and trees
			black curls in profile
			she's looking at me
			I'm glancing back

   Panel 3		
			the empty road
			she's watching me
			(profile lines and shadow)
			legs crossed on the seat
			shoes on the floor

   Panel 4		
			the empty road
			wavy tracks, a stoplight,
			the search for a radio song

   Panel 5		
			radio's words spill into mine
			leading over to

   Panel 6 		
			where she's singing
			and the lyrics leak

   Panel 7 		
			to where I stop.

   I want to be a comic book writer,
   to pencils and ink reduce her,
   to have a page to show
   what's missing is the girl.