right after you look at her

Right after you look at her through the red, red wine and put it to your lips as you smile to each other over the white candle's flame, you put the glass down and it catches the flame, so it splits up, just under her chin and you admire the scene, and she sees you, and smiles with all her teeth

and the violin in the background is just over a million miles away, and she's your best friend, who'll hold the door for you as you came into the restaurant,

pulling off the gloves you drove here in, and she knows you're thinking about her because, well you know that way she smiles when she had a secret from you (that she knew what you were thinking)

and your arm is getting tired from holding up the glass and you put it away, safely out of the light, and you tilt your head as you continue to look at her, and she tilts her head the other way and smiles even more,

as such a thing is possible, and suddenly you're one of those laughing couples everyone's so jealous of, and you have no idea why or how it happened, but you don't dare think to waste the moment that this is and so you start trying to extract a promise from her but instead end up in tears and giggling.

But that's OK, because you don't believe that she would have promised anyway, really, and she smiles that way again and promises, just to show you - what, you're not quite sure but you're sure it's something good so you drink deeply of your wine and enjoy the taste on your tongue that doesn't remind you of her at all, no, not at all,

and so you smile and laugh and giggle with tears in your eyes and suddenly you find you're one of those laughing couples everyone - including you - is jealous of.

But you have a nice dinner anyway.